HONEY BADGER tito’s vodka, lemon-rosemary-infused honey, lime juice 10.00

THE MICHIGAN CHERRY new holland dutchess vodka, black star farms cherry brandy, muddled brandied cherries, house-made lemon-lime sours 13.00

BASIL-MINT GIN FIZZ hendrick’s gin, basil-mint-infused simple syrup, lime juice 11.00

AMARO-GIN SPRITZ plymouth gin, amaro, demerara simple syrup, lemon juice, topped w/ prosecco 12.00

BUFFALO BLANCO buffalo trace bourbon, fresh basil, white balsamic vinegar, demerara simple syrup, barritt’s ginger beer 10.00

FALL TO PIECES bulleit rye, sweet vermouth, laird’s apple brandy, amaro, orange bitters 11.00

ASPEN SMOKE vida mezcal, agave nectar, yellow chartreuse, lime jice, w/ a laphroig float 12.00

PALOMA PICANTE jalapeno-infused tequila, pink grapefruit juice, lime juice, salt rim, 10.00

TOASTED ALMOND kahlua, amaretto disaronno, splash of cream, w/ a dash of nutmeg 9.00

HOT BUTTERED RUM gosling’s dark rum, butter spiced and sweetened w/ cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardamom & brown sugar 9.00

SWEET & SPICY CIDER captain morgan spiced rum, becherovka herbal liqueur, warm michigan apple cider 9.00

SPICED LEMON HOT TODDY four roses bourbon, lemon-rosemary-infused honey, lemon-ginger hot tea 9.00


MOSCOW MULE smirnoff vodka, barritt’s ginger beer, lime juice 9.00

MAIZE & BLUE MARTINI stoli razberi vodka, house-made sours, splash of blue curacao 9.00

PEAR TREE absolut pear vodka, st germain, elderflower liqueur, lime juice 10.00

MOLE OLD FASHIONED bulleit rye, muddled cherry & orange, demerara, mole bitters 10.00

DANIEL BOONE maker’s mark bourbon, cointreau, grapefruit juice 10.00

POMEGRANATE PROSECCO prosecco, creme de cassis, pomegranate juice 11.00

DARK CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY MARTINI godiva dark chocolate liqueur, stoli vanil, chambord, cream 11.00

RHETORICAL LEPRECHAUN (hot or iced) mighty good coffee, jameson, bailey’s, whipped cream 9.00


MIMOSA prosecco, natalie’s oj 8.00

BLOODY MARY vodka, house-made spicy tomato juice 8.00

COSMO absolut citron, cointreau, cranberry & lime juice 10.00

NEGRONI bombay gin, campari, sweet vermouth 9.00

MOJITO mt gay rum, muddled limes, mint & sugar, soda h2o 11.00

MARGARITA tequila, triple sec, house-made sours, salt rim 8.00

SIDECAR courvoisier, cointreau, house-made sours, sugar rim 11.00

RUSTY NAIL scotch, drambuie, lemon twist 8.00

WHITE RUSSIAN vodka, kahlua, cream 8.00

…and fancy juice…

THE LARRY muddled limes, ginger beer, cranberry juice 4.00

THE KARL PLUS natalie’s oj, lime juice, grenadine, soda h2o 4.00

BASIL-MINT GINGER FIZZ barritt’s ginger beer, basil-mint simple syrup, lime juice, soda h2o 4.00